Lean Six Sigma Operations Strategy – Executive Education

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, operational excellence is one of the key factors in the success of a firm. Yet, an operations strategy is not a carefully assembled folder sitting on an executive's shelf. Rather, it is a highly adaptive and continually shifting base of knowledge that becomes an integral part of the firm and provides guideposts for decision-making and direction setting. Clearly, product and service firms that have achieved operations and manufacturing excellence understand this reality. Realizing many companies’ need for guidance in this process, we have developed the Building Competitive Advantage through Lean Six Sigma Operations Program and it’s intense curriculum.

By cutting through the rhetoric and debunking the last decade's fads, this program provides realistic implements and ideas for building sound operating strategies. Executives can discover ways to effectively reinvigorate their organizations and improve performance from the fundamental minutia up to the most crucial deals. These practical tools and concepts present the necessary building blocks for maintaining a competitive advantage and providing sustainable growth. The program exposes participants to examples of operations and manufacturing excellence in product or service firms worldwide.

Generate a preservable advantage in cost, quality, speed, and customer service to achieve world-class performance. Using real-world case studies, group workshops, and animated computer simulation models, you explore a framework for diagnosing, improving, and designing effective processing systems and for identifying leverage points with the greatest impact on the bottom line. This framework includes the Business Process Flow Paradigm, which examines an organization as a collection of business flows with a critical link between operational drivers and strategic success. You will analyze a set of “laws” representing the core science of lean operation—which describe the underlying behavior of manufacturing and service systems, including the fundamental relationships between performance measures such as throughput, work-in-progress, flow time, and process variability. Taken together, these tools provide a firm scientific foundation for the practice of lean six sigma operations.

While we are members of leading research universities, our expertise extends well beyond academic studies of operations management. We frequently work with firms facing pressing operational and strategic needs in the area of Service and Operations Management. Our goal is to develop actionable solutions that can be implemented within a short time frame. We can tailor a consulting project or research collaborations to meet your specific needs. Please click here to find out more.

Disclaimer: Lancaster Executive LLC was spun out from Lancaster University
Management School in July 2008. While Lancaster Executive maintains close
ties to academia and the university, it operates independently now.