Building Competitive Advantage through Operations

The Building Competitive Advantage through Operations Executive Education program represents a significant investment for both you and your organization. Going far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories, each program provides applicable lessons in the classroom that can be implemented successfully within your organization. You will acquire a fresh perspective on global business from our groundbreaking curriculum, world-renowned faculty, and an accomplished group of elite peers from around the world.

This program is designed for managers and executives who are looking for innovative ways to improve operational performance. Bringing new operations leadership skills and practices into your organization will have a significant impact on the performance of your operation. Creating a high-performance environment will increase efficiency and quality, and reduce costs. The participants will view examples of operations and manufacturing excellence in product and service firms worldwide, which will aid them in creating their own operations strategy, optimized IT, leverage teams, improved supply chain, and more.

The executive education program aims at supporting executives by enhancing their understanding of advanced, practice-orientated pricing concepts and strategies, in particular through the discussion of many current case studies covering a wide range of industries. This program features specialized topics such as luxury pricing and price wars as well as general ones like current pricing methodologies and pricing communication strategies. In particular, active participation via discussions, team problem solving and applying the course material to an array of current cases dramatically increases the educational value.

In this program, you will:

  • Link day-to-day operational details to business strategies
  • Analyze process flows to target improvement efforts
  • Focus on operating policies that represent key leverage points with respect to the bottom line
  • Work with your systems’ natural tendencies to develop customized policies for your environment
  • Identify strategies for increasing throughput, shortening cycle time, reducing variability, and improving quality

The concepts and tools taught in the Program will greatly enhance your operations management effectiveness, and increase your value to the organization. After returning to work, participants will be able to:

  • Lay the groundwork for your own operations improvement plan
  • Develop an approach for creating and leading a high-performance team
  • Increase your management effectiveness and departmental performance
  • Work more effectively with other functional areas to drive change and enhance performance
  • Network with a group of experienced operations managers from a variety of industries across the country
  • Learn how to lead a healthy and balanced life through the Program's Lifestyle component
  • Use proven organizational development tools to improve the performance of your operation
  • Create a competitive advantage through operations performance
  • Develop a culture for continuous improvement

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